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Club Statement: Woking v Bristol Rovers

Peter Jordan - 19th January 2015
Last November, when planning the above fixture, there was a misunderstanding between Woking and Bristol Rovers and, consequently, the Club decided to plan ahead for this fixture, working closely together with the police and the Club’s Safety Officer. The Club wish to make it clear that Bristol Rovers did not refuse its request to sell tickets.

The advice and intelligence reports were to expect approximately 1600 to 1700 Bristol Rovers fans to attend the game and the Club’s planning was based on these figures.

Due to the configuration of Kingfield Stadium, the maximum number of away fans the Club can accommodate is 1900, which is written into the Club’s safety certificate.

When the number of away fans reached 1,869, the Club’s Safety Officer and police took the decision that the gates were to be closed due to a concern about crowd safety on the away fans' terrace. Regrettably, a number of Bristol Rovers supporters were unable to gain entry to the game.

Other parts of the ground were not filled to capacity, but the Club’s safety certificate forbids the mixing of home and away supporters when the game is designated to be a segregated game and, reluctantly, therefore, the Club could not allow the excess fans to enter the ground under any circumstances.

The Club wish to apologise to the Bristol Rovers fans who were unable to see the game, but wish to stress that it must also abide by its safety certificate.