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It's a long shot but...

John Pearce - 12th July 2019
...I always knew this would be a challenge.

Is there anyone out there who is:

a) Planning to go to the pre-season friendly away to Dunston UTS in Gateshead on Saturday 20th, and

b) Prepared to submit a match report for the official website for this game?

It doesn't need to be the 'full works' in terms of the standard format and typical word count that normally applies to these reports. I'd be happy with something 'free format' that covers:

* A description of the ground, weather, playing conditions, turnout

* Major incidents in the game and timings - goals, shots on goal, spot kicks, bookings/sending offs, etc.

* Woking players and substitutions; anything interesting about the Dunston players

* Your nomination for Man of the Match, and why

I can shape into the standard format.

If you can help, please let me know by email: