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Secure the future of Woking FC at Kingfield

15th June 2020
Woking Borough Council planning committee are meeting on Tuesday 23rd June to consider the Woking Community Stadium scheme. This will be a virtual meeting and, nearer the time, we will provide the links so that the thousands who support the scheme can follow proceedings online. A huge amount of work has gone into this and, after nearly 30 years searching for a way forward, the scheme now promises facilities for long term sustainability, increased community engagement and the realistic potential to advance to the Football League.

We cannot, however, ignore the crisis of the past few months, which has highlighted long term and critical community needs in 3 areas – affordable homes for locals and keyworkers, improved health facilities and radical environmental decision making. In addition to the stadium the scheme addresses all three of these with 45 % affordable housing provision, a medical centre for 14000 local residents and 1000 bike spaces and 100% groundbreaking infrastructure for electric car use.

The agenda and planning documents can be found on the council’s website here, it is worth noting that the planning officer has recommended that the planning committee grant planning permission subject to a few points, see page 3 of this document for details.

In this last week before the planning committee meeting we would encourage all Woking supporters to write to their local ward representatives and/or the Borough Council planning committee. The positives of the scheme are compelling so please, at all times, be respectful, clear, concise and positive in making your points. If you have never written to your councillor before be encouraged that your opinion matters.

If you are a Woking borough resident and are not aware of what ward you live in, you can email and our chairman Rosemary Johnson will assist you.

We are a community club with a national profile so we would also ask fans to be passionate but also respectful and positive in their dialogue with others on social media. Please correct erroneous statements politely and clearly with factual responses.

The specific Woking Borough Council contact details for you to respond are:-

Planning Committee representatives:

Ward Councillors contact details:

If you have any specific questions for the club please, in the first instance, email