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Woking FC Community Day: Part Two

18th June 2020
The Tour de France / Marathon remix charity challenge

We said that our Community Day would have 2 parts; hopefully you have already signed up for the Awards dinner; an opportunity to honour and thank our players, recognise our Academy, hear from Dowse and recall some of the wonderful high spots of last season.

HOWEVER before you put your feet up in the evening there is more; in recent months National League clubs have been holding charity days, involving players, staff and fans as part of the ‘Myles for the NHS’ campaign. Each club does their day and then lays down the gauntlet for another club. Bromley nominated Woking and our day is Saturday 27th June.

The concept

The original idea, thought up by Myles Anderson of Hartlepool, was that teams of fans, players and staff of National League clubs do a marathon remix. This is still possible but as the Tour de France had been due to start on the 27th June we also have another option - to do a virtual leg of the world’s greatest cycle race.

After the activity the team make a contribution to one of 2 charities. The original one is the NHS charities and donations fund initiatives such as wellbeing packs, supporting isolated patients and providing longer term mental health support. The original £5000 target has been smashed and the fund already stands at £16,000. Individual clubs have raised between £400 and £3000 each. Another charity will be selected next week.

The Marathon remix

The Tour de France

The Free for All

Wearing club colours is encouraged!

What now

To sign up your team please provide the details below and email to

If you are not part of a team please still provide your details and we will connect you and add you to a team – or you can just do your own thing!

How to donate

Donations are suggested to be £1 per mile covered but some give more and some not so much. The amount is not the focus – just doing your bit and making a donation to a great cause.

Once complete as a team please send in your donation to the link HERE, and when you donate please leave your names/team name and use #COYCards so we can see the Woking supporters on the donation page!

We are looking forward to a fantastic club day – open to all.