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David Taylor - 3rd June 2008

An open letter to Woking supporters from David

Dear Cards fans,

I start with an apology ? on Tuesday 8th April I stood in front of fans in the Cardinals' Bar so that you would be the first to hear the news, from me, of our previous manager and his assistant leaving the Club.

My intention was that tonight ? on Tuesday 3rd June - I would again stand in front of fans in the Cardinals' Bar so that you would be the first to hear the news, from me, of the name of our new Head Coach, and his Assistant, joining the Club.

You are the lifeblood of this Club, and you deserve nothing less.

That opportunity was taken from me, and from you, because of a leak. So, sorry to all of you, and sorry to the press ? in the future we will not make a habit of issuing press releases on a Friday evening!

That said, I like to see a plus side in everything, and this sequence of events has one shining positive ? by this evening you have all had a chance to think about the news, and decide whether to celebrate, or commiserate.

Right now, I am doing neither, because there is too much work to do, in too little time.

When this interview process started, I made a passing remark - given that we have had no fewer than six separate managers in the last ten years - that f the new man did not get us promotion to the Football League within three seasons, I would resign. The trouble was, that remark was made to Southern Counties Radio!

And I stand by what I said ? the commitment must be absolute, or not at all.

But, in all of this, what do I matter? My personal statements are nothing compared to what you deserve. Many of you have supported this great Club all of your lives, and looking at the last ten years, you deserve better. A lot better.

So, from 39 applicants, we interviewed 12, and then selected 4 for shortlist.

The shortlist was well represented by international experience, ideas and expertise. Realising that if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got, we were very open to new approaches to coaching, to playing, and to the running of our club. In short, we were open to being very radical.

And that is the basis on which Chris, Colin and I - all from very different backgrounds, unanimously chose Kim and Phil. To play attacking, passing football with flair, pride and passion, for the full length of each and every match. That will lead to promotion within three seasons, to fans returning to Kingfield and more travelling to away matches, and most importantly, enjoying what they see.

I would like to place on record my thanks to my fellow directors, and to everyone else who has helped us ? most notably John McGinty, Chairman of Aldershot Town.

If we do not achieve promotion in three seasons, I will apologise to you, and Kim, Phil, Colin and I will leave.

But that is the very last time I will even mention that possibility.

Because I promise you all, everyone associated with this Club will do everything in our power to make promotion happen, and happen it will.

So, please, make Kim and Phil very welcome here at Woking Football Club.

Thank you.

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