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New Initiative: 16-18 Year Old Entrance Scheme

Nick Shaw - 5th June 2015
Woking Football Club is pleased to offer all school/college students and college apprentices aged between 16-18 an opportunity to enjoy a reduced entrance fee based on under 16 charges of 85.00 for a season ticket.

Over a season of 23 games this equates to 3.69 per game. Alternatively you can take advantage of reduced entrance (5) on a game-by-game basis. Membership of the Cards Trust would be required for both schemes, with savings in the Club Shop and other outlets on production of the Trust membership card.

How to qualify

Please ask your teacher or tutor to complete the information on the form. Take the completed form to the Club Shop at the ground together with a Cards Trust Membership application and fee of 10.00, cheque made payable to Cardinal Supporters Society, and completed season ticket form with payment (85.00 cheque payable to Woking Football Club). Both forms are available online or the Club Shops.

A further option is to take the same information, less season ticket application/fee and request a photographic Cards Trust Student Card at no cost and then pay 5.00 entry per game attended. Two passport photos should be attached to this application with name and both signed by teacher/tutor. You will also need to join the Cards Trust as above. Your Student Card would need to be shown at a turnstile for every game to enter for 5. With no card the 13.00 entrance charge will apply.

For any enquires regarding this new scheme, please contact Rupert Phillips at

The club shop at Kingfield is opens during the week at 10.15am, and closes 3pm Mondays & Fridays, 4.30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

To download the form please click here: CardsTrust-16-18-year-old-entrance-scheme.pdf

Cards Trust Membership application form:
Woking Football Club Season Ticket application form: