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New Community Organisation & New Sports Facilities at Woking College

Mike Smith - 17th June 2015
The club has completed a year long review of its academy and the community scheme. A new scheme has emerged which aligns the community work and its coaches (Woking Football in the Community) more closely with the youth development programme (The Academy) to form "Cardinals in the Community", a new charitable organisation which is in the process of being formed.

Cardinals in the Community has been placed under the leadership of Jane Spong, with Scott Harrison newly appointed as lead coach. Further details will follow from Jane in due course.

The club has been working with Woking College (education provider for "A" level academy players) and has obtained its support to locate a full-sized 3G ATP (Artificial Turf Pitch) with facilities at the college. This exciting proposal holds the potential to take the club's award winning community and youth development programmes to an entirely different level.

A planning application has recently been lodged with Woking Borough Council. The detail will become public soon, but in the meantime, the following newsletter is being circulated to and shared with key stakeholders like local residents and you, supporters of the club.

Copies of the plans will be deposited at the club and in the town centre hub in due course. The club very much hopes the proposal will be supported.

Proposal for Community Sports Facilities at Woking College

A new charitable organisation is being formed to run exciting community sports facilities at Woking College.

'Cardinals in the Community' will operate a new all-weather pitch and run programmes of community based activity at a purpose built changing, office and teaching building at Woking College. A plan of the layout of the proposed facilities is shown over the page.

The first stage of the project is to obtain planning permission and a planning application has been submitted for the construction of the all-weather areas and buildings. The planning application has been submitted by Woking Football Club on behalf of 'Cardinals in the Community', with the support of Woking College.

The Planning application includes:

'Cardinals in the Community' are keen to act as good neighbours to local residents. Additional semi-mature trees will be planted on the site and sports lighting will be designed to have minimal light overspill.

The scheme has also been carefully designed to ensure retention of grass pitches and improve sports facilities for the community.

Benefits are:

We hope that you will support this exciting proposal which will have such great community benefits, particularly for young people. If you require additional information please email Woking Football Club at;

We invite fans to lend their support to the scheme by either emailing Cardinals in the Community at the address above and/or wait until the planning application goes public and write to Woking Borough Council.