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Club Branding: Small Changes

Nick Shaw - 22nd February 2021
Woking Football Club has read a lot of the feedback we've received regarding the new badge options over the past few days, and we thank fans for their comments.

One point which has come up quite a bit in the feedback has been around the font, in particular the number 7 used in 1887. We're pleased to announce that we have modified the 7 to a more standard shape, which we believe those who had issues with it will now be satisfied.

The change can be seen below, we've used option B to show off this change as we have also changed the 'C' used in Football Club.

If you have not yet voted for your choice, please do so by visiting Voting closes at 6pm on Thursday.

Earlier today we also unveiled our plan for using the club shield on the new shirts next season, click here to find out more.

Image for illustrative purposes only, and may not reflect the final kit design.