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Woking Football Club unveils new brand

Nick Shaw - 1st March 2021
Woking Football Club is proud to introduce ​the new brand identity that will lead us forward into a bright new future.

We ​received feedback from many sources, including from social media, from online fans’ forum Cardboard, from one-on-one conversations with supporters, and via the online voting process.

Nearly 900 vote​s were cast, and Option B was the clear winner – earning 91% of the votes​. We thank you all for your participation and constant feedback. The winning badge will be in place for the start of next season, as part of our new brand.

Feedback is a critical part of the creative process, as it helps us understand what is important to each of you. ​We were able to incorporate the collective desire to make an adjustment to the 7 in “1887” and to the C in “Club.” We appreciate all of the feedback – positive, negative and constructive – as we map out the journey ahead.

We have also taken in a number of your questions and concerns regarding the shape for the badge, with the shift from the traditional Borough Council Coat of Arms to our own take to create a brand identity that is truly ours.

The club felt there was a need for a change to create our own identity in the spirit of our collective goals for the future. Do other clubs have circular badges? Yes. But do those clubs have our collective ambition for the future? No.

We take this step forward together as a club and a community united, ​working ​to build the next chapter for our historic club. A future that includes full-time football, a playing budget to support our goal of reaching the Football League, ​whilst continuing to be a community club for all.

Shirt Image for illustrative purposes only, and may not reflect the final design.