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Woking FC Academy

Fixtures & Results 2014/15

All Fixtures Ryman FCYA Reds FCYA Whites
September 2014VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Mon 1st7.45pmRYLHomeSutton UnitedWon2 - 141
Mon 8th7.30pmFAYC (P)HomeHorshamWon7 - 085
Wed 10th2.00pmFCYAHomeFarnboroughWon9 - 0 
Wed 10th2.00pmFCYAAwayBoreham Wood WhitesLost4 - 2 
Mon 15th7.45pmRYLHomeKingstonianWon8 - 038
Wed 17th2.00pmFCYAAwayWhyteleafeWon1 - 7 
Mon 22nd7.45pmFAYC (Q1)AwayRedhillWon2 - 1057
Wed 24th2.00pmFCYAAwayLeatherhead WhitesWon0 - 3 
October 2014VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Wed 1st2.00pmFCYAHomeCarshalton AthleticWon4 - 1 
Wed 1st2.00pmFCYAAwayLeatherhead GreensWon0 - 2 
Mon 6th7.30pmFAYC (Q2)AwayBurgess Hill TownWon0 - 590
Wed 8th2.00pmFCYAAwayAldershot TownDrew0 - 0 
Wed 8th2.00pmFCYAHomeWealdstoneLost1 - 3 
Wed 22nd2.00pmFCYAAwayWatford HertswoodWon1 - 2 
Wed 22nd7.15pmFAYC (Q3)AwayPoole TownLost2 - 0107
Mon 27th7.30pmRYLHomeMetropolitan PoliceLost1 - 249
Wed 29th2.00pmFCYAHomeBrentford GriffinsDrew0 - 0 
November 2014VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Wed 5th2.00pmFCYAHomeWatford CSELost2 - 3 
Wed 12th2.00pmFCYAAwayAFC Wimbledon P - P 
Wed 19th2.00pmFCYAHomeCorinthian CasualsWon3 - 1 
Wed 19th2.00pmFCYAAwayTooting & Mitcham UnitedLost4 - 1 
Wed 26th2.45pmFCYAAwayHavant & WaterloovilleLost4 - 3 
Wed 26th2.00pmFCYAHomeLuton Town CedarsLost0 - 2 
December 2014VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Wed 3rd7.30pmRYLAwayChipsteadWon0 - 422
Wed 3rd2.00pmFCYAAwayFulham (Merton) P - P 
Mon 8th7.30pmRYLAwayCarshalton AthleticWon1 - 336
Wed 10th2.00pmFCYAAwayHampton & RichmondWon3 - 4 
Wed 10th2.00pmFCYAHomeChesham UnitedLost1 - 2 
Mon 15th7.45pmRYL (R2)AwayBedfont Sports P - P 
Wed 17th7.45pmRYLAwaySutton United P - P 
January 2015VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Tue 6th7.45pmRYLAwayKingstonian   
Wed 7th2.00pmFCYAAwayFarnborough   
Wed 7th2.00pmFCYAHomeBoreham Wood Whites   
Wed 14th7.45pmRYLAwayWalton & Hersham   
Wed 14th2.00pmFCYAHomeWhyteleafe   
Mon 19th7.30pmRYLHomeWhyteleafe   
Wed 21st2.00pmFCYAHomeEastleigh Whites   
Mon 26th7.45pmRYLAwayMetropolitan Police   
Wed 28th2.00pmFCYAHomeLeatherhead Whites   
Wed 28th2.00pmFCYAAwayBrentford Griffins   
February 2015VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Mon 2nd7.45pmRYLHomeChipstead   
Wed 4th2.00pmFCYAAwayCarshalton Athletic   
Wed 4th2.00pmFCYAHomeLeatherhead Greens   
Mon 9th7.45pmRYLHomeLeatherhead   
Thu 19th7.45pmRYLAwayCrawley Down Gatwick   
Mon 23rd7.45pmRYLHomeCarshalton Athletic   
Wed 25th2.00pmFCYAHomeAldershot Town   
Wed 25th2.00pmFCYAAwayWealdstone   
March 2015VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Mon 2nd7.30pmRYLHomeWalton & Hersham   
Wed 4th7.30pmRYLAwayWhyteleafe   
Wed 4th2.00pmFCYAAwayEastleigh Whites   
Wed 4th2.00pmFCYAHomeWatford Hertswood   
Mon 16th7.45pmRYLAwayLeatherhead   
Wed 18th2.00pmFCYAHomeAFC Wimbledon   
Wed 18th2.00pmFCYAAwayWatford CSE   
Mon 23rd7.30pmRYLHomeCrawley Down Gatwick   
Wed 25th2.00pmFCYAAwayCorinthian Casuals   
Wed 25th2.00pmFCYAHomeTooting & Mitcham United   
April 2015VenueOpponents H - AAtt
Wed 15th2.00pmFCYAHomeHavant & Waterlooville   
Wed 15th2.00pmFCYAAwayLuton Town Cedars   
Wed 22nd2.00pmFCYAAwayKingstonian   
Wed 22nd2.00pmFCYAHomeFulham (Merton)   
Wed 29th2.00pmFCYAHomeHampton & Richmond   
Wed 29th2.00pmFCYAAwayChesham United   
Wed 2nd2.00pmFCYAHomeKingstonian   
Ryman Youth League FCYA Reds FCYA Whites
Played at Kingfield (FAYC) or Brookwood (RYL)

RYL = Ryman Youth League
FAYC = FA Youth Cup
Played at Brookwood or Urnfield

FCYA = Football Conference Youth Alliance
Played at Brookwood or Urnfield

FCYA = Football Conference Youth Alliance

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