Woking Football Club, The Laithwaite Community Stadium, Kingfield, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9AA01483 772470
Laithwaite Financial Services
Woking FC First Team
Woking Management
Alan Dowson
Alan Dowson Manager

DoB: 17/06/1970
Ian Dyer
Ian Dyer Assistant Manager

DoB: 26/09/1983
Martin Tyler
Martin Tyler Assistant Manager

DoB: 14/09/1945
Matthew Winter
Matthew Winter Goalkeeper Coach

DoB: 07/02/1992
Phil Routledge
Phil Routledge Physiotherapist

DoB: 08/07/1986
Malcolm Jobling
Malcolm Jobling Kit Manager

Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths Kit Assistant

Phil Marlow
Phil Marlow Kit Assistant

Woking Goalkeepers
Craig Ross
Craig Ross DoB: 29/01/1990

Debut: 29/09/2018
Mark Smith
Mark Smith DoB: 15/12/1995

Debut: 20/03/2021
Woking Defenders
Jack Cook
Jack Cook DoB: 16/09/1993

Debut: 18/08/2018
Josh Casey
Josh Casey DoB: 19/10/1991

Debut: 04/08/2018
Ben Gerring
Ben Gerring DoB: 01/01/1991

Debut: 13/10/2018
Moussa Diarra
Moussa Diarra DoB: 04/02/1990

Debut: 02/03/2019
Nathan Collier
Nathan Collier DoB: 15/08/1985

Debut: 04/08/2018
Kyran Lofthouse
Kyran Lofthouse DoB: 21/10/2000

Debut: 27/10/2020
Leo Hamblin
Leo Hamblin DoB: 24/10/2002

Debut: 10/04/2021
Woking Midfielders
Charlie Cooper
Charlie Cooper DoB: 01/05/1997

Debut: 03/10/2020
Kane Ferdinand
Kane Ferdinand DoB: 07/10/1992

Debut: 26/12/2016
Max Kretzschmar
Max Kretzschmar DoB: 12/10/1993

Debut: 06/08/2016
Matt Jarvis
Matt Jarvis DoB: 22/05/1986

Debut: 29/02/2020
John Freeman
John Freeman DoB: 04/11/2001

Debut: 20/04/2021
Jack Skinner
Jack Skinner DoB: 18/06/2000

Debut: 12/12/2020
Ben Dempsey
Ben Dempsey DoB: 25/11/1999

Debut: 15/02/2020
Malachi Napa
Malachi Napa DoB: 26/05/1999

Debut: 03/10/2020
Tommy Block
Tommy Block DoB: 23/12/1999

Debut: 03/10/2020
John Goddard
John Goddard DoB: 02/06/1993

Debut: 17/09/2013
Jamar Loza
Jamar Loza DoB: 10/05/1994

Debut: 06/10/2018
Joe Leslie
Joe Leslie DoB: 13/11/2000

Debut: 24/04/2021
Selim Saied
Selim Saied DoB: 09/03/2003

Debut: 01/05/2021
Paul Hodges
Paul Hodges DoB: 24/05/1993

Debut: 04/08/2018
Woking Forwards
Dave Tarpey
Dave Tarpey DoB: 14/11/1988

Debut: 05/02/2019
Jonté Smith
Jonté Smith DoB: 10/07/1994

Debut: 23/01/2021
Sam Evans
Sam Evans DoB: 01/10/2002

Debut: 17/04/2021
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson DoB: 11/06/2002

Debut: 13/04/2021
Jayden Wareham
Jayden Wareham DoB: 13/05/2003

Debut: 01/01/2020
Sam Ashford
Sam Ashford DoB: 21/12/1995

Debut: 06/03/2021
Sam Dalby
Sam Dalby DoB: 07/12/1999

Debut: 23/03/2021
Out On Loan / Dual Registration
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood DoB: 10/08/1999

Debut: N/A
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