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Woking Football Club - 1887

17th February 2021

Woking Football Club - 1887 Woking Football Club today present the fans with their exciting vision for new club branding, starting with a new club badge which fans have the opportunity to vote on.

It’s not just the badge itself which is changing though, the founding year is being corrected to 1887, the year the club was actually founded. For more information, and to vote for your desired badge, please visit www.wokingfc.co.uk/1887

Nick Shaw, Head of Media, said: “Work properly started on the redesign of the club badge back in November, but Daniel O’Sullivan and myself had been thinking about it long before then. I’ve long advocated for the founding year on the club badge to be changed to 1887, as many who know me will testify to, and the club rebranding presented a fantastic opportunity for this change to finally take place. It’s only right that the fans have a say in which badge we finally go for, so I’m very interested in which one they pick!”

The club’s historian, Mark Doyle, commented on possible reasons why the badge has had 1889 on it all this time: “No one seems to know for sure why 1889 has been used over 1887 as the ‘Officially Founded’ date of the club. There’s written confirmation from early newspaper reports and early Woking FC yearbooks which directly relate back to 1887, in addition newspaper reports at the time of the Cremators famous FA Cup encounter with Bolton Wanderers in 1908 repeat the line “the most momentous event in Woking FC’s twenty-one-year history”. The first printed confirmation of ‘Founded in 1889’ that I can find is in the early 1920s. A plausible theory for this error is that 1889 was the first year that there was a printed football fixture card. There again it could be as simple as a club official making an error with their mental arithmetic when the club started playing again after the Great War – I guess we will never know for sure.”

Rosemary Johnson, Chairman, said: “The founding year being incorrect on the badge has been a long-standing issue which has come up time and again over the years, and I’m pleased that it is now being addressed with the new club branding. My thanks go to Mark Doyle for pushing the matter, and Nick & Daniel for their hard work with the new designs.”

John Katz, director, commented: “Starting with the right date for the start of the club is the first stage in the process of building the club identity. One that will bring a unified club with a unified aim to be the best club that we can be. Working with supporters, The Cards Trust, our First Team, our Manager, our backroom staff and our Board of Directors, we will aim to develop the club. It's no longer time for us to be a sleeping giant but a club with ambition, desire and the will to win. Working together as a community for years to come.”

Don't forget to vote for your favourite badge here before the closing date next Thursday, the winning option will be announced on Monday 1st March.
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